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Hemlock Semiconductor
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Supplier Code of Conduct

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Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Substance Abuse Standard for Contractor and Contractor's Employees (US only)

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At Hemlock Semiconductor, we are passionate about silicon-based technology – its versatility, its possibilities and its unique potential to improve the world that we share together.

Hemlock Semiconductor has been a leader in polysilicon manufacturing for 50 years. Our experience and technology have allowed us to develop a safe, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective process to manufacture this highly critical material for the solar and semiconductor industries.

Procurement activities comprise nearly everything around our products: raw materials, manufacturing equipment & supplies, as well as technical goods and services. We appreciate competitive, collaborative suppliers who help our business and customers meet their objectives for profitability, growth, innovation, and sustainability.

We focus beyond price, quality and service by conducting business centered on principles and expectations based on environmental, social and ethics standards represented in our Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers.

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At Hemlock Semiconductor, we offer our suppliers a growth opportunity as we expand our leading position in the markets that we serve.

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