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Hemlock Semiconductor
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Working closely with the community

The Community Advisory Panel focuses on open communication about plant operation, safety, and the environment. Learn about our active CAP initiative.

Safe work IS our job

More than a vision statement, it’s how employees at Hemlock Semiconductor Group perform their duties, putting safety first. It’s a commitment to our employees, their families, and the people in the communities where we live and work. A core Hemlock Semiconductor value since the company’s inception, safety is actively promoted and practiced by employees, suppliers, and contractors.

Here are the ways we are making a difference:

  • Management Commitment – Our management commitment to meeting the codes and requirements of Responsible Care® has significantly improved our overall safety performance.Safety is a core Hemlock Semiconductor value.
  • Implementation of SMART Behavior-Based Safety – Our behavior-based accident prevention process, Safety Management through Awareness, Responsibility, and Teamwork (SMART), has helped drive safety awareness into our corporate culture. The process utilizes peer-to-peer observations to highlight at-risk behavior and simultaneously promote safe behavior.
  • Zero Lost Time Injury Focus – Safety is a continuous improvement process, and having the mindset that “zero is the only acceptable number” is critical to our long-term safety success.
  • Active contractor participation – Our contractors and other third-party organizations must meet our high safety standards, keeping our workplace safe for all.
  • Community involvement – We are able to highlight safety awareness through activities in the community, including our Community Advisory Panel, outreach activities, and close cooperation with emergency responders.
  • Neighborhood open house – This event opens our Hemlock, Michigan, facility to our closest neighbors for tours and general safety education, including shelter-in-place information. As part of this event, community members learn about our community warning system, as well as our ongoing program for safe transport and use of the raw materials needed for production.
  • Transportation safety – Safe movement of raw materials and finished products is important.
    We have upgraded our entire transportation fleet to not only meet but exceed government standards and requirements.Safety is a core Hemlock Semiconductor value.
  • Process safety management – Process guidelines such as "Close and Contain" help ensure that what we use to make our products stays within our process systems. There has not been a significant, reportable release of any materials outside our facility for the past 10 years.
  • Security – Security has always been important at Hemlock Semiconductor. In recent years, significant security improvements have been made and will continue. These improvements are essential to ensuring a safe, secure environment not only for individuals working at our facility, but also for the community at large.

Responsible Care® is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council, Inc.

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