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Manufacturing Process
Semiconductor-Grade Chemicals
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Quartz rock is a key source of silicon.

Naturally occurring high-purity quartz rock is a key source of silicon.

Polysilicon manufactured by Hemlock Semiconductor is an essential building block in our high-technology world.

High quality polysilicon is the essential building block that enables our computer-driven, high-technology world.

From quartz rock to electronic circuits

The process that begins with quartz rock and ends with solar cells and the boundless range of electronic devices, such as computers, cell phones, and game consoles, is complex, involving a number of manufacturers and processes. Hemlock Semiconductor Group manufactures the high-purity polycrystalline silicon feedstock critical to the manufacture of solar and semiconductor products.

Hemlock Semiconductor’s manufacturing process begins with the silicon-based chemical trichlorosilane, which we convert into high-purity polysilicon using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor technology process. Polycrystalline silicon is manufactured up to 99.999999999% purity level in U-rod form in a process that is clean, safe, and in strict compliance with environmental laws. Beyond the polysilicon deposition process, Hemlock Semiconductor process technology captures and recycles all chemical by-products.

Hemlock Semiconductor uses the Siemens process to manufacture polycrystalline silicon from trichlorosilane.

Using the Siemens process, polycrystalline silicon is “grown” from trichlorosilane silicon source chemicals.

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