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Hemlock Semiconductor
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ISO Quality Management System 9001: 2015 Certified

Purity – a critical key to your success.
You can depend on a consistent purity profile to help make your manufacturing efficient and dependable.

At Hemlock Semiconductor Group, our quality standards are customer-driven

Quality is more than a set of numbers that describes product properties. Quality includes meeting your expectations with every shipment you receive. Reliable supply of consistent materials, accurate documentation, and efficient support for problem solving all add value to your operation.

The cost of implementing quality standards at Hemlock Semiconductor is significant, but justified by the value you receive as a customer. Our focus on consistent product properties has kept us a quality leader in the industry.

Our Quality Policy – remain a quality leader in our industry

The goal of Hemlock Semiconductor is to be a leader in high-quality and reliably supplied polycrystalline silicon and related chemicals. We will accomplish this by providing polycrystalline silicon products and services that meet your expectations through our commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do.

To meet those expectations, we invest in the industry’s leading quality tools, techniques, and quality systems, such as:

  • ISO 9001 Registration – Our company is certified for the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, a recognized global quality management system that is an important part of how we help you be successful using the products and technologies from Hemlock Semiconductor
  • Statistical Process Control for all processes and materials
  • Keep It Clean – a proprietary program that ensures product quality during processing
  • Lot traceability
  • Standard operating procedures, training, and certification
  • System reviews
  • Calibration and standardization
  • Management of change (OCR) process

Six Sigma®

Six Sigma methodology helps ensure continuous improvement in our products and processes. Six Sigma helps us quickly identify and adopt improvements that positively impact your business.

Consistent high purity delivers consistent product performance  

Hemlock Semiconductor Group is a leader in the development of evaluation procedures for measuring silicon purity. As semiconductor industry requirements become more demanding, the need for the highest-purity polycrystalline silicon and silicon source chemicals  will increase. Hemlock Semiconductor is committed to staying on the leading edge of technology necessary to meet these requirements.
The new Hemlock Semiconductor analytical lab will provide leading-edge tools to ensure the highest quality.
  New analytical lab under construction at Hemlock Semiconductor - Michigan Site.

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