Delta College, MEDC announce $500k expansion to help expand Michigan’s semiconductor workforce

Delta College is kicking off new training programs designed to respond to Michigan’s increased demand for workers in the semiconductor industry.

According to a press release from Delta College and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the initiative involves nearly $500,000 of “state-of-the-art” programs. In a news conference at Delta’s main campus with the MEDC, state government officials, Hemlock Semiconductor and SK Group, Delta President Michael Gavin said it meets the community college’s plan to get students into the workforce.

“Delta College’s goal is to be one of the leading educational institutions in America in semiconductor programming,” Gavin said. “This new opportunity will be adapted by Delta to build a world-class talent pipeline to meet the semiconductor industry’s needs.”

The expansion includes a new pre-engineering path meant to partner with four-year institutions, including Central Michigan University, Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University.

The path provides training, industry certifications, career credentials, a one-year certificate, associate degree, and transfer opportunities to the institutions.

After the conference, Gavin said to the Daily News that the three universities were chosen due to their engineering programs.

Hemlock Semiconductor Chairman and CEO AB Ghosh praised the college’s new program and expansion.

“This truly is a unique and powerful partnership with state government, private industry and academia all rowing in the same direction to drive Michigan forward in this vital segment of our state and national economy,” Ghosh said.

Delta is also putting its STEM Explorer on the road. It’s a 38-foot vehicle that allows middle and high school students to engage in hands-on STEM activities. As part of the expansion, Hemlock Semiconductor and SK Siltron CSS will help develop a semiconductor learning station.