HSC polysilicon and
Advancing manufacturing Processes.

Our experts constantly innovate to improve manufacturing processes, advance technology and ensure quality. We employ scientists and technical professionals in a wide variety of roles, including physics, materials science, feedstock quality assurance, advanced analytical, quality testing and dedicated functions to support technical customer needs.

Science and TechnologyMission

We collaboratively listen, observe and investigate key technologies using analytics to drive decision-making with integrity and scientific rigor.

We drive continuous improvement and create best-in-class technology exceeding tomorrow’s market needs and delivering sustainable business growth for our stakeholders and our customers.​​

The Future

HSC utilizes best-in-class manufacturing technologies to ensure a high-quality product for our customers every time. We’re continuously finding ways to utilize new technology developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline our production.

We believe in the benefits of predictable manufacturing, which allows for controlled variability, agility to adapt to market fluctuations, reduction of cost and waste, improved consistency and quality, simplified and accurate financial planning and a strong foundation for a Digital Twin of our operations.

HSC is working toward creating a Digital Twin of our entire manufacturing process, which will allow us to innovate faster than ever before, keeping our product in-step with the future of technology.

New Investments

The 2020 acquisition of HSC’s external raw material supplier in Midland provides a significant opportunity to minimize hazardous waste. By vertically integrating production, HSC is able to improve and streamline operations.

HSC has been working hard to improve the energy efficiency and energy management of its operations to reduce its carbon footprint. That has led to very low embodied GHG emissions in the ultra-pure polysilicon that HSC manufactures.

Between 2015 and 2019, $23 million of HSC’s $97 million in capital investment was focused on cutting energy waste, including significant investments in analytics and data science software. TIBCO Spotfire provides HSC with optimized rollouts and controls for a sophisticated understanding of site processes and energy use. Aspen Modeling enables screening and identification, model building, identifying cause and effect and predicting future results. See the latest sustainability report for more information.