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HSC is passionate about the vast capabilities and potential of polysilicon technology, and we’re always thrilled to be able to share our innovations, views, and company news with the media.

Members of the media may contact our press team at hscmedia@hscpoly.com

This contact information is for media inquiries only. If you are a potential customer or supplier, or are interested in HSC careers, visit our Contact Page.

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HSC Fact Sheet

Learn more about our company, products, and goals.

Solar Brochure

HSC provides polysilicon used in the manufacture of solar power cells, panels, and arrays.

How Polysilicon is Made

Follow the journey from naturally occurring quartz to HSC hyper-pure polysilicon.

Fast Facts

About HSC

Nearly every

electronic device produced today contains silicon that was purified by HSC.

HSC is the

largest U.S. manufacturer

of hyper-pure polysilicon.

HSC has been in business

60+ years.

HSC is the

largest electricity user

in the state of Michigan.

From 2015 to 2019, HSC invested

$23 million

in reducing energy waste.

The HSC site is located on

1,350 acres

of land.

Since 2015, HSC has

donated $3,912,000

to local community organizations.