Hemlock Semiconductor joins program to save working parents thousands of dollars

Hemlock Semiconductor, a leading provider of high-purity polysilicon products for the electronic and solar power industries and one of Saginaw County’s top employers, has joined the state of Michigan’s child care cost-sharing program, which offers working parents access to child care at a third of the cost.

HSC is now among 139 businesses across Michigan participating in the MI Tri-Share program, which saves parents an average of $464 a month, or $5,568 a year, on child care costs, according to a news release issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office. Proponents say the program helps participating employers recruit and retain workers and encourages parents to join or reenter the workforce.

“At HSC, we put a high premium on work-life balance. We recognize that child care costs can be a burden for many of our valued employees and we want to help,” Barbara Metcalf, chief human resources officer at HSC, said in a statement.

“The Tri-Share program is a tremendous way to overcome this major barrier to employment for many families across the Great Lakes Bay region and it will help attract and retain the talented workforce we need to continue growing.”