Hemlock Semiconductor’s CARE Fund donates to Rauchholz Memorial Library

The Rauchholz Memorial Library received a $1,000 grant from the Saginaw Community Foundation for its summer camps. This grant was provided by Hemlock Semiconductor Operation’s Community and Regional Empowerment Fund administered at the foundation.

“Our summer camps are meant to be educational, but they are also meant to be fun,” Audrey Glass youth librarian said. “We want kids to be excited about coming to the library to learn and not feel like they’re sitting in a classroom like they do at school.”

The Rauchholz Memorial Library has held summer mini camps since 2021. The mini camps include hands-on activities for children and teens ages 5-17 on various topics such as woodworking, art, cooking, science, sports, fashion and more. Registration for mini camps began April 17 and all spaces have been filled for this year. Thanks to grants such as that from the CARE Fund, the library has been able to keep these camps entirely free of charge for all attendees every year.

“It was very important to us that we be able to offer the mini camps for free. We’re striving to provide a program that’s open, accessible and beneficial to all the kids in the community,” BillieJo Bluemer, library director said.