Local students visit Delta College for the ‘Semiconductor Experience’

Students from Hemlock and St. Charles High Schools were at Delta College on Tuesday to partake in the “Semiconductor Experience.”

The Semiconductor Experience is a partnership between Delta College’s Stem Explorer Team and local semiconductor manufacturers Hemlock Semiconductor and S.K. Siltron CSS.

Students take part in career exploration through four hands-on skilled trades laboratories.

They also got the chance to tour Delta College and discuss semiconductor careers.

“Having the students actually come here and realize what an impact it makes for them to be on campus, see themselves and these different opportunities,” says STEM Explorer Coordinator Megan Birdwell. “Hearing the comments of the interests that they have now that they wouldn’t have got otherwise has been really fulfilling to see, and I hope we can continue this.”

Over a two-month period, nearly 700 students from eight local high schools from Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties have participated in the experience.