Energy Storage

HSC silicon anode Materials:Boosting EV Performance

Lithium batteries power our daily lives and speed the clean energy transition by enabling the electrification of the transportation sector. Demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, and electric automakers are pivoting toward silicon anode technologies to improve lithium-ion battery energy density. Even small improvements in lithium-ion batteries can result in longer driving range in electric cars. And at HSC, we are going after big improvements.

We are using our decades-long expertise and proven manufacturing capabilities to commercialize a novel battery technology. HSC’s silicon-carbon composite-based anode material—called SiCAM®—and its successful commercialization will help speed clean mobility adoption. SiCAM® aims to significantly increase EV battery capacity and boost performance at an affordable cost to customers.

A major benefit of SiCAM® is where and how it is produced. HSC is based in Michigan and has over 60 years of experience operating a high-volume polysilicon manufacturing plant, serving as a key supplier to the global semiconductor and solar industries. SiCAM® will be a high-quality material that is made in America with low embodied carbon emissions, delivered from a company committed to sustainability.

Interested in learning how HSC’s SiCAM® technology can improve your battery performance?