Michigan Makes Push to Expand Semiconductor Industry, Add Talent

The state of Michigan is working with schools and businesses to attract and retain more semiconductor production operations. One success story is Hemlock Semiconductor Corp. in Hemlock, east of Saginaw.

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) is launching the state’s largest campaign to promote careers, recruit talent, and attract new businesses to fill jobs in Michigan’s semiconductor industry.

The MEDC states its newly announced Semiconductor Talent Action Team (TAT) is a collaborative, public/private partnership aimed at making Michigan a top state for semiconductor talent solutions and growth.

The TAT will build on earlier Michigan efforts to bring onshore critical supply chains of semiconductors back to Michigan. As the state seeks to support research and development and manufacturing facilities, an increase in supply of engineers and technicians will be critical to semiconductor success.

“Michigan is leading the nation with an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ consortium that has successfully identified key skills and competencies most needed by employers to drive future microchip industry development,” says Ebersole Singh, executive vice president and chief talent solutions and engagement officer of MEDC. “That’s what we’re hearing from leaders of the semiconductor industry who are encouraged and excited by what Michigan is doing right now.”