Project Runway Showcases HSC Interns

Hemlock Semiconductor is proud to be home to more than a thousand employees in the Great Lakes Bay Region. We are also the first stop for many young people exploring their future career options through internships, co-ops and first job experiences.  

At HSC, students seeking a broad range of opportunities and hands-on experiences can explore all that our company has to offer. Internships provide full-time summer opportunities for college students who are ready to dive headfirst into projects across all sectors of our HSC team. For students who are seeking a part-time or longer-term opportunity, a co-op position at HSC allows for professional engagement over more than a semester while still allowing time for school.  

HSC Intern Class of 2023

For our interns and co-ops, working at HSC opens doors to the manufacturing and sustainability world that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Students gain access to professional mentorship and inclusion within a team that directly impacts the work being done at HSC. In addition to the valuable work experience, interns have ample opportunities to connect with fellow HSC employees and immerse themselves in our vibrant company culture through a variety of events both in and outside of work. 

We make sure that students gain practical knowledge and skills through meaningful hands-on experiences. This year, student interns have worked to study the strength and purity of our polysilicon products, standardized procedures within HSC that have led to significant cost savings for the company, and solved a variety of bottlenecks and reliability issues. 

Their work with HSC culminates in “Intern Project Runway,” an expo-style presentation where students have the opportunity to share the projects they’ve worked on throughout the summer.

Time and again, we hear from our students that their experiences set the stage for their careers – and many choose to continue those careers right here at HSC.  

Recruiting for our 2024 class of interns and co-ops is starting now. If you know a young person interested in joining the HSC team, please visit the Student Opportunities page on our website.