Serious Green: Billions Pouring Into Outdoor Recreation, Mobility And Technology In Michigan

Billions of dollars are being invested throughout Michigan to design, develop and build the next generation of clean-energy mobility.

Combined, General Motors and Ford Motor Company are investing $9 billion dollars for EV and battery cell production. Gotion just announced a $2.4 billion investment for EV battery production in Big Rapids, and Hemlock Semiconductor is spending $375 million to increase semiconductor production capacity southeast Michigan.

These are huge wins for the state that put the world on wheels a century ago and now leads in the global transformation of mobility, from fossil fuels to EV technology and production.

But Michigan’s opportunity to lead and benefit from the mobility transformation is not just in the automotive sector. By leveraging its core strengths – innovation, advanced technology, manufacturing capacity and natural assets – Michigan can also lead in the outdoor recreation innovation sector – RecTech for short – especially where mobility, electrification and outdoor recreation intersect.

The benefits of this intersection mean environmentally friendly, cleaner and quieter access to nature. It also means new, good-paying jobs, especially in Michigan’s rural communities with rich outdoor recreation assets. Attracting and retaining people to live in areas where they can blend work with play can help revitalize communities long left behind.