Hemlock ready for more students from Semiconductor growth

We’ve been telling you about the $375 million expansion at Hemlock Semiconductor and 170 new permanent jobs coming to the area.

The groundbreaking ceremony was just last month, and now families from surrounding areas may be making mid-Michigan their home.

Hemlock Public School leaders say they are ready for the possible influx of students as families look to relocate to mid-Michigan.

“Hemlock was very accommodating in being very receptive to us as a school,” Mike Huston said.

Huston, his wife and four children recently moved to Hemlock from Texas. He began a position at Hemlock Semiconductor in August and did his due diligence in choosing where to set up roots here.

“The reason that brought me here was the STEM Center, the agreement HSC has with Hemlock School but also to provide that education to my kids,” Huston said.

Hemlock Schools Superintendent says they are poised for more students and welcome the growth.

“We’re ready. As a school district we’ve transitioned from declining to balanced over the last 10 years and we’re ready for an increased number of students here,” Hemlock School District Superintendent Don Killingbeck said.

Forward thinking and being a true partner in the community has been key to the school’s success.

“Our community supported a legacy bond — a generational bond in May of 2022 — so we’re going to have an update to our high school with a new gymnasium, a new theater, world-class experiences, new science rooms and cafeteria. Those kinds of things will transform our high school over the next couple of years and ready us for this growth,” Killingbeck said.

He also says the elementary school has had upgrades including updated learning spaces and a technology overhaul.

“It’s a small school setting with big school opportunities,” Killingbeck said.

Leaders at Hemlock Semiconductor tell us the company is actively recruiting. Find out more here: https://www.hscpoly.com/careers/