Hemlock Semiconductor Women Win Two MFG Excellence Awards

Hemlock, Mich. — Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC), the nation’s leading manufacturer of hyper-pure polysilicon used in the semiconductor and solar industries, today announced that two HSC employees – both women – are receiving statewide recognition as recipients of 2022 MFG Excellence Awards, presented by the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA).

Terri Datz-Siegel, HSC Manufacturing Fellow, will be recognized as MMA’s MFG Woman of the Year. The MFG Woman of the Year award honors the roles women play in manufacturing as well as their significant achievements in the industry and positive impacts within their companies and communities.

Kristen Opperman, HSC Culture and Communications Manager, will be honored with the Emerging Leader award.  The MFG Emerging Leader is awarded for noteworthy contributions to the industry and the potential for future accomplishments within Michigan manufacturing. This award recognizes and honors a new manufacturing leader.

Terri Datz-Siegel
2022 MFG Woman of the Year
Kristen Opperman
2022 MFG Emerging Leader

“I am deeply proud of Terri and Kristen’s accomplishments here at HSC and in the communities where they live,” said HSC Chairman and CEO AB Ghosh. “They represent the very best of HSC and highlight the fact that women are making big waves in Michigan manufacturing.”

“It is truly an honor to receive this recognition from the Michigan Manufacturers Association,” said Terri Datz-Siegel. “I’m proud to work for Hemlock Semiconductor, a company that empowers the success of its employees and provides pathways for advancement that allow each of us to grow and reach our full potential as team members and leaders.”

“Ten years ago I never would have imagined winning an award like this one,” said Kristen Opperman. “I’m thankful to our management team for encouraging me to expand my horizons and take on new responsibilities and challenges along the way. There is definitely a role for women in manufacturing and I appreciate the guidance and mentorship I’ve received from the amazing leadership at Hemlock Semiconductor.”

The MMA will honor the winners of the 2022 MFG Excellence Awards during a celebration on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, in Lansing.

The MFG Excellence Awards is the annual statewide celebration of the exceptional contributions that Michigan manufacturers make to their workforce, their communities, the economy and the industry. The program promotes the inspiring stories of Michigan’s manufacturing industry, the thousands of unique manufacturing companies across the state, the hundreds of thousands of Michiganders employed in the industry and the local communities that support it.

Photos of Terri Datz-Siegel and Kristen Opperman can be found here and here.

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About Hemlock Semiconductor

Hemlock Semiconductor Operations (HSC) is a leading provider of hyper-pure polycrystalline silicon and other silicon-based products used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, solar cells and modules. At HSC, we’re passionate about silicon-based technology and its unique potential to connect and energize the world we share. HSC’s polysilicon enables customers to produce high-tech electronics and solar energy, and our efficient manufacturing process delivers products with an ultra-low-carbon footprint. HSC began operations in 1961 and is owned by Corning Incorporated and Shin-Etsu Handotai.

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