Global innovation center comes to Troy

New center opens Monday in the Automation Alley offices

The U.S. Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, created by the World Economic Forum, will locate to Automation Alley’s Troy offices. The hub is the result of a partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Oakland County and announced Wednesday during the Detroit Chamber of Commerce’s Mackinac Island policy conference.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the move puts Michigan in a better position for manufacturing not just automotive parts, but for lifesaving medical devices, aerospace and defense equipment.

Plastics, lightweight carbon parts, machinery and robotics all play a role in expanding the state’s manufacturing base, she said.

“We’re creating good-paying jobs in the process,” she said.

Arabinda “AB” Ghosh, chairman and CEO of the Hemlock, MI-based Hemlock Semiconductor, said the new center will help ensure future success of the company. Hemlock Semiconductor, founded in 1961, produces ultra-pure silicon, a fundamental building block for computer chips and the batteries that have become so critical for advanced manufacturing.