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Internship opportunity?

Gain the experience that will take you to a top job.

As the largest producer of polysilicon in the United States, Hemlock Semiconductor produces the foundational material critical to the solar and electronic industries.

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Take Ownership of your work

As an HSC intern, you’ll have the opportunity to use your university knowledge to lead a special project that has a real impact on our company. And at the end of your internship, you’ll report your findings to the company at our Project Runway showcase.

Learn from a mentor

Outside of department teams, our interns work with a mentor invested in their success. Many of our mentors are former HSC interns themselves, and they can offer advice on your university course path, career journey, or the best places to explore in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Take your experienceto the next level

As a Hemlock Semiconductor intern, you will:

  • Be part of a friendly, supportive, close-knit team
  • Be able to explore careers in all parts of our company
  • Make a difference by participating and helping out in the community
  • Have opportunities to interact with top company leaders

My internship taught me how to think like an engineer. If you want to pursue your passions, HSC is the place to do it.

Osamah Yousef, Chemical Engineering Undergraduate at Wayne State University


At the end of their summer, we ask our interns what brought them to HSC and what they’ll take away to use in their future careers. Check out the video below to learn about the HSC summer intern experience directly from our Intern Class of ’22.

Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to me, and it was easy to see in my internship that HSC really cares about sustainability and minimizing waste at every step of their process.

Claire Henry, Chemical Engineering Undergraduate at Michigan State University

See Corporate Sustainability In Action
HSC is an industry leader in working to create more sustainable supply chains for both the semiconductor and solar power industries. We’re committed to doing good for our local and global community by relentlessly reducing our carbon footprint, exemplifying clean manufacturing, and creating strong supply chain partnerships to help create a more sustainable society. Check out our Sustainability Report to learn more.

Collaborate with Top Scientists and Engineers
You’ll work hands-on with our industry expert employees on impactful projects. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in Engineering, Information Technology, Material Science, or other STEM field, you’ll get the chance to exchange ideas with co-workers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Make a Difference
When you join Team HSC, you join a team of employees and leaders passionate about making the Great Lakes Bay Region and the world a better place. HSC’s CARE Grants program provides nearly $300,000 in grants to local organizations each year. We’re also proud sponsors of many of the diverse arts and culture institutions in the GLBR such as the Saginaw Art Museum.

Find Out How Your Career Fits Into the Global Economy
Hemlock Semiconductor is a world leader in the global production of hyper-pure polysilicon, and the only producer whose headquarters are in the United States. Your work at HSC will have a lasting impact on our customers in the global semiconductor and solar supply chains.

Have Fun While You Work
Hemlock Semiconductor’s relaxed, friendly work place is full of people who will help you learn and show how your classroom experiences relate to the real world. Our Employee Engagement, New Hire, and Fitness Committees all work hard to find ways for our employees to have fun at work together. From our yearly Cornhole Tournament to food truck days and volunteer outings in our community, there’s something going on every week.

There’s so much to learn always. Everyone’s happy to answer questions, and they just make you feel like this is the place that you want to be.

Sophia Cox, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate at Purdue University

About the Hemlock Semiconductor internship

Internships at Hemlock Semiconductor take place during the summer only and include wages, housing that is subsidized by the company, and some vacation and sick time.

Eligible internship applications must be received through the HSC job portal.

Have a question about our summer internship program? Reach out to our Recruiting Team at We look forward to hearing from you!

HSC Youth Apprenticeship program in skilled trades for Area High School Students

Power up your high⁠-⁠tech career as an HSC skilled trades youth apprentice.

HSC offers a first‑of‑its‑kind apprenticeship program to provide area high school students with unique opportunities that combine on-the-job training, professional mentorship and classroom studies that result in a skilled trades certification.

Licensed through the U.S. Department of Labor, youth apprentices typically commit to four years to complete an apprenticeship. Participants will be direct employees of HSC as part-time student co-ops with earnings that could exceed $15/hour up to 24 hours/week. Future full-time employment opportunities can lead to earnings exceeding $80,000 per year and paid Delta College classes. 

At the end of the apprenticeship program, successful students earn a journey certificate that will empower them to pursue a lifetime of opportunities in high-wage, high-demand careers in the skilled trades.