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As the largest producer of polysilicon in the United States, Hemlock Semiconductor produces the foundational material critical to the solar and electronic industries.

As a Hemlock Semiconductor intern, you will:

  • Be part of a friendly, supportive, close-knit team
  • Be able to explore careers in all parts of our company
  • Make a difference by participating and helping out in the community
  • Have opportunities to interact with top company leaders

You’ll work with top scientists and engineers
Our interns are an important part of our work force, learning from and alongside top scientists and engineers considered world leaders in creating hyper-pure polysilicon in a clean and sustainable way.

You’ll be on the cutting edge of technology
You’ll be an integral part of a company that plays a critical role in two high-tech, high-growth industries: electronics and solar energy.

You’ll gain friends and mentors
Hemlock Semiconductor’s relaxed, friendly work place is full of people who will help you learn and show how your classroom experiences relate to the real world.

You’ll see how your career fits into the global economy
Hemlock Semiconductor is a world leader in the global production of hyper-pure polysilicon, and the only producer whose headquarters are in the United States.

You’ll interact with co-workers in a wide variety of fields
Whether you’re pursuing a degree in Engineering, Information Technology, Material Science, or in a similar STEM related field, you’ll get the chance to exchange ideas with co-workers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

About the Hemlock Semiconductor internship

Internships at Hemlock Semiconductor take place during the summer only and include wages, housing that is subsidized by the company, and some vacation and sick time.

Eligible internship applications must be received through the HSC job portal.

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