Paddy Hobohm grew up in his family’s business, SPACE, Inc., and is now the owner and president

Paddy Hobohm, 38, owns SPACE, Inc., with his mom, Kathie Fuce-Hobohm. She’s the CEO and he’s the president.

SPACE’s headquarters are on Vantage Point Drive, off of Eastman Road, just north of Midland. They also have a location in Alexandria, Virginia. SPACE is a commercial interior design firm. Hobohm said they’re “highly focused on sustainability, disruptive innovation and relentless creativity.” They have 25 employees.  

SPACE’s major clients include federal government agencies, Dow, and Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC). Hobohm said, “They’ve adopted our sustainability exchange program called SPACE Anew.” He said clients can deposit their furniture assets and then SPACE will strip them down and recycle them. He said they can then purchase new or upcycled products.