We value the part you play in making HSC successful and we want to help you live your best life!  When you are facing a challenge, it is hard to be productive and it can distract you from working safely. 

Better Life Resources is an HSC initiative dedicated to finding resources to help employees manage life challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship issues. While many of these benefits are also found on the HR intranet home page, we are providing this website as a resource for you to find everything you need in one location and with easy access to the information from your mobile phone or personal computer.

Mental & Behavioral Wellness

Aetna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 
This program is available to all HSC employees and family members living in their home. Upon login, you will be asked to set up a personal account to access services. This site is outside of the HSC system and is completely confidential. HSC will never receive names/personal information for anyone using this benefit. 

Benefits available include:

  • Free short-term counseling
  • Stress management
  • Web-based resources such as webinars and an on-demand library
  • Daily life assistance in locating resources for child/elder care, legal/financial services
  • A discount center with discounts on brand-name products and services, including computers and electronics, theme parks, movie tickets, travel and much more


UserID:  myhsceap 

Password:  myhsceap

Phone:  877-836-2327

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Online Visits 
This program is available to employees and their family who are enrolled in the HSC medical plan. There are options for both online medical care and confidential virtual behavioral health care/counselling. 

To schedule an appointment, download the BCBSM Online Visits app or visit Family members ages 18 and older will need to register for their own account. When updating or creating your account, be sure to choose your plan name and enter your enrollee ID so your coverage is applied correctly. If you have questions, call 1-844-606-1608.

Community Resources

PartnerShfit Network (PSN)
This local partnership offers a collaborative approach to help address common employment barriers that impact the lives of our employees, their success and productivity. Employees who work with a success coach can meet individually and confidentially to troubleshoot outside personal problems that may impact work performance such as: time management, attendance issues, affordable childcare, reliable transportation, substance abuse, stable housing, stress management, budgeting and financial literacy. In some cases, PartnerShift Network may be able to assist employees with direct financial assistance for housing and transportation needs.

All services are confidential and FREE. PartnerShift will not share employee names or circumstances with HSC unless permission from the employee is granted. PSN will only report unidentifiable metrics and trends once a month to drive conversations with our culture and engagement teams and to strengthen our HSC values and equity efforts. 

Need child care assistance? Reach out to PartnerShift Network for information about the HSC MI Tri‑Share Child Care Program.

Connect to PartnerShift Network:   

P: 989-399-0016 


Suicide Hotline
If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988 or chat

National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides 24/7, free, confidential support, resources and referrals to any pregnant and postpartum mothers facing mental health challenges and their loved ones. The service is available via phone and text in English or Spanish.

Call or text 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262) to connect with counselors at the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline.

LGBTQ+ Support Group
Great Lakes Bay Pride is launching a new LGBTQ+ Peer Support Group in Saginaw. Please see the below flyer for more information and the schedule for the year. The group is limited to adults at this time but will explore youth opportunities with time.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue365 

This program offers discounts and other wellness resources available to employees and their family enrolled in the HSC medical plan. Discounts are available on a broad array of wellness services such as apparel/footwear, fitness, hearing/vision, home/family, nutrition, personal care, and travel. 

To view discounts, login to and click ‘Member Discounts with Blue365’ on the homepage under the ‘Health & Well-being’ tab. 


This service is available to all HSC employees. Join on the app or via computer to access many different wellness classes for weight loss, strength building, toning, yoga, meditation, endurance training, and many more fitness options for all, including children. 

Computer access:

Phone or Tablet: download the Wellbeats app on iOS, Android or Windows 

On a TV:  download the Wellbeats app on Apple TV 

Login Instructions: After your first month of hire, you will receive a communication from Wellbeats with instructions and a password for first time login. Your HSC email is your username. If it has been a while since you received your welcome communication and you do not know your password, simply select Forgot Password. Wellbeats will send a temporary password to your HSC email.   

Fitness Center at HSC 

This facility is open to HSC employees only. This well-equipped gym is in the S12 building on the second floor and is open 24/7. The gym is outfitted with professional fitness/weight machines, free weights, cardio machines, and a separate fitness room with mats for stretching, yoga, or even fitness classes like P90X.  

Employees are required to fill out a participant release and waiver acknowledgement form to use the facility. This form can be found in the HR portion of the HSC intranet site. 

If you have questions about any HSC benefits or how to use them, please reach out to HR at