Our Experts

We turn our intellectual property, advanced technology, and global capabilities into our customers’ competitive advantage

The World’s Leading Experts in Polysilicon Manufacturing

Our people serve the world’s leading solar and semiconductor companies as we manufacture product, drive company performance, innovate, and collaborate to improve continuously. We employ the specialized experts to operate effectively, efficiently, safely and responsibly to deliver premier quality, service, and know-how.

Science & Technology

Our experts constantly innovate to improve manufacturing processes, advance technology and ensure quality. We employ scientists and technical professionals in a wide variety of roles including physics, materials science, feedstock quality assurance, advanced analytical, quality testing and dedicated functions to support technical customer needs.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We employ top graduates and experienced professional chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers and certified chemical process operators in development, manufacturing, maintenance and improvement roles across our site. We work as a team to ensure our state-of-the-art processes remain up and running safely, become increasingly efficient and produce an ultra-pure product.

Process Safety & Security

Our site, community and employee safety are critical, so we regularly hire safety and security professionals to manage our world-class processes. They ensure operational excellence and security from the time we receive raw materials until our products reach our customers.

Customer Service, Supply Chain, Procurement & Information Technology

Our commercial and functional professionals lead activities in customer service, supply chain, procurement and information technology with an end-to-end approach to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Skilled Trades

HSC has some of the best-skilled tradesmen in the business. We employ specialized experts in a variety of roles to build, operate and maintain our world-class facility. These same experts work closely with manufacturing and engineering leaders to ensure our team is focused on driving productivity, continually innovating and working with a complete commitment to safety.